There are 32 countries to be worked and confirmed on Digital mode
Number Prefix Country Continent
1 3D2/C Conway Reef OC
2 3Y/B Bouvet AF
3 3Y/P Peter I AN
4 4U/UN United Nations Headquarters NA
5 4W East Timor OC
6 7O Yemen AS
7 BS7H Scarborough Reef AS
8 BV9P Pratas Island AS
9 CY0 Sable Island NA
10 FR/G Glorioso Island AF
11 FT5W Crozet AF
12 FT5X Kerguelen Island AF
13 HC8 Galapagos Island SA
14 HK0/M Malpelo Island SA
15 HV Vatican EU
16 JD1/M Minami Torishima OC
17 JX Jan Mayen EU
18 KH3 Johnston Island OC
19 KH4 Midway Island OC
20 KP5 Desecheo Island NA
21 P5 North Korea AS
22 R1F Franz Josef Land EU
23 TI9 Cocos Island NA
24 VK0/M Macquarie Island OC
25 VK9X Christmas Island OC
26 VP6/D Ducie Island OC
27 XF4 Revilla Gigedo NA
28 YK Syria AS
29 YV0 Aves Island NA
30 Z8 South Sudan AF
31 ZL8 Kermadec Island OC
32 ZS8 Prince Edward & Marion AF