There are 21 countries to be worked and confirmed on 80 meters band
Number Prefix Country Continent
1 1A0 SMO Malta EU
2 4U/UN United Nations Headquarters NA
3 4W East Timor OC
4 7O Yemen AS
5 9N Nepal AS
6 AP Pakistan AS
7 BS7H Scarborough Reef AS
8 BV9P Pratas Island AS
9 E4 Palestine AS
10 EZ Turkmenistan AS
11 JD1/M Minami Torishima OC
12 KH4 Midway Island OC
13 KH7K Kure Island OC
14 OD Lebanon AS
15 P2 Papua New Guinea OC
16 P5 North Korea AS
17 R1F Franz Josef Land EU
18 TI9 Cocos Island NA
19 VK0/M Macquarie Island OC
20 YK Syria AS
21 ZL9 Auckland & Campbell OC