About me

My interest in radio communications began in the early fifties. I still remember listening to the radio, an old and huge, in a little kid view, receiver settled on the living hall. The CW sounds were pure magic, despite of not having a single clue of what was being sent, those sounds and smells, yes tubes do smell, have somehow etched me in an indelible way.

Later on, in the latter part of the fifities, one evening, just during the gray line, my mommy told me: - "Have your shower and get dressed, put on the clothes that are over your bed. We are going to have a dinner at Mr. Ferraz's home", concluded her.

After a long and boring dinner, finally Mr. Ferraz invited us to the library where the coffee would be served. I was counting minutes to get back home when he suddenly said to me: - "I was told that you enjoy listening to the radio, would you like to see my radio?"

I lost my breath when he opened a little door in his bookcase producing a pair of black radios, a Collins station, I knew later. When I saw the vernier I became very impressed how precise it should be. How easy to find stations, I thought. I would love to have one of these radios, I dreamed.

I spent the next couple of years just remembering every single minute of that night in Mr. Ferraz library, specially when he took the microphone and returned to a very far away station saying: -"Here is papah yankee two ocean yellow, do you read?".

Several years later, in the early seventies, after being graduated as civil engineer, I was assigned to work in the Brazilian Amazon jungle. Communications, on that time, were a great problem due to the large distances and scarce population on that region. All communications at the work site were done through a telegraph radio station, the magic sounds were back. I decided to be a ham which could provide some communication with my parents. I was told that I needed to learn the code, electronic and regulations regarding the use of the radio. I did the test and got the PY8APR callsign, later changed to PW8APR, due to the new Brazilian amateur regulations, which allocated from that time and on a very unique prefix to each Brazilian state. After a few months I was assigned to the Brazilian Central region getting the PY9UC call, a couple of years more and a new assignment came through moving me in to the Brazilian Southeastern region. This time I got the PY2YP call which I'm currently signing.

I'm civil engineer, graduated in 1971, presently working as a private consultant in the highway industry. During the week work days I do live in Sao Paulo, a very noisy city, moving in to a lovely place during the weekends, where real antennas are assembled as shown on this web site.

On the air

I do a lot of DX, which is by far my favorite radio activity, working SSB and CW in equal basis, so you can easily find me on the air either on CW or phone. When time permits I do attend the major contests as ARRL DX, CQWPX, CQWW among others.

The Brazilian legislation allow us to have additional callsigns to attend contests, I used to hold ZW2YP, ZZ2Z presently signing PR2O. I still have all the logs and QSLs, so if you are prefix chaser and need a confirmation, please get in touch with me.

You can ask me for a schedule on 80 meters where my beloved 4 square antenna would help a lot to do the QSO. Please remember that I can only assure you to be on the air during the weekends. Please check my sunrise/sunset in order to maximize the odds.


Site #1 Indaiatuba:

  • Yaesu FT-2000

  • SPE 2K-FA

  • Drake C Line

  • Drake L4B

  • QRP by Index

  • Headset Heil Pro Plus

    Site #2 Sao Paulo:

  • Yaesu FT-2000D

  • Heathkit SB220

  • Headset David Clark


    Site #1 Indaiatuba:

  • 10 meters - Yagi 5 elements monoband

  • 15 meters - Yagi 5 elements monoband

  • 20 meters - Yagi 5 elements monoband

  • 40 meters - Yagi 2 elements monoband

  • 80 meters - Four phased towers

  • WARC bands - fixed dipole tribander

    Site #2 Sao Paulo:

  • 12-17-30 meters - 3 elements yagi tribander

  • 40-80 meters Inverted Vee


  • DX4WIN

  • N1MM Logger

  • GeoAlert


  • DXAtlas

  • Rufz

  • Awards

    Being an avid DXer makes me naturally a DXCC chaser, so far I've worked them all on phone lacking only P5, North Korea, on CW. I've already completed the Five Band Worked all Zones, the so called 5BWAZ, which is by far the most prestigious DX award ever issued. I've already achieved the WAE Top award on both modes, CW and SSB. While awaiting for a CW operation from P5, I'm working on the DXCC Challenge award, trying to achieve the 2,700 level.

    You can see the DXCC cards, SSB & CW, visiting the gallery.

    Log on line

    Please do stop by at ClubLog where you can search my log on line. If your call doesn't show up and you are confident that we QSOed, please e-mail me pointing the QSO data. On that site you may also search my other callsigns: ZZ2Z and PR2O. In addition there is also a tool for on line QSL request (OQRS), however, all requested QSLs will be sent via bureau.

    QSL Policy

    I do confirm every logged QSO via bureau, however, if you need a quick confirmation, please send me a SASE to the following address:
    Cesar Augusto de Camargo Rodrigues
    Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 495
    Sao Paulo, SP 01410-001

    I do support the LOTW program uploading my log every 2 months regardless the amount of QSOs.

    I no longer collect QSL cards so your card is not required. If you need a bureau confirmation just e-mail me the QSO data.

    Other interests

    Besides of amateur radio I enjoy very much reading books which I've done since my early childhood. I also enjoy computer programming, photography, movies, classical music and opera.

    PY2YP Web Site